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Hotels use SurferQuest’s new interactive concierge to generate additional revenue through advertising

As mentioned in recent posts, SurferQuest has teamed up with Flight Time TV and Wayfinding Pro to offer a new interactive digital signage app. The program works like a concierge providing guests with boarding pass access, flight departure and arrival status, local events, entertainment, dining, transportation, weather, news, internet access and interactive maps of the area.

In addition to enabling hotels to offer a very convenient and beneficial service, the app also provides another source of revenue through advertising.

Local restaurants, stores, taxi services, bars and event venues will pay for the opportunity to be a featured / first choice in the search results of the app. Being displayed on the welcome screen or screen saver is another option for advertising, as well as scrolling top and bottom banners.

Any hotel using the interactive concierge will not be obligated to showing advertisements, but will have that option readily available. All revenue generated by local advertisements and feature ads belongs 100% to the hotel. The rates for ads are also completely dependent on what the hotel sees fit.

The program comes with a back end that enables content management, interface customization and the advertising segment.

The content that guests can access is easily updated with the back end. Content can be added to, removed or adjusted as new info is made available. There are also options for automatic updates.

Interface customization is completely in the hands of the hotel. Adding logos, changing button placement, adjusting colors and changing the default screen layout is simple and can be done anytime. The updates will immediately take effect on any machines that are selected within the program.

Advertising is also managed within the back end. Change banners, select which venues will be featured first within the search results and submit ads for display on the welcome screen or anywhere else space is available. As mentioned, the hotel keeps all revenue generated, and may set any rates they wish.

The interactive maps and routes are easily managed within the back end account as well. Bars come and go, eating establishments change. As the local area changes, the program can be updated with new directions and maps.

For a very low annual cost, the interactive concierge is a service that not only benefits guests, but hotels as well. No longer does hotel staff need to dedicate hours a day to giving directions and explaining maps. Line and text directions generated by the app give step by step routes to wherever a guest needs to go. No longer does the hotel staff need to constantly look up flight departure statuses or print boarding passes. The days of staff losing hours a day giving directions to restaurants and looking up open hours are long gone.

Guests now have a complete guide to the area at their fingertips. And hotels can generate revenue by providing a service that satisfies their guests. What isnt to like?