The private information of over 10 million hotel guests compromised in data breach, SurferQuest software secure and not affected

Millions of hotel guests world wide have been the victim of a recent data breach. A well known reservation platform has been compromised with identity theft, credit card fraud and vacation stealing. Because of this breach, records and private information dating all the way back to 2013 have been exposed. The records contain full names, credit card numbers, reservation numbers and other confidential information pertaining to guest stays.

I wanted to write about this today because this is exactly why SurferQuest was created, and why we take security so seriously.

Security is of the utmost importance to us and to traveling guests. Nothing is quite as unnerving and anxiety inducing as learning your credit card and banking information has been hacked or stolen.

SurferQuest ensures that public guest devices and business center computers cannot be hacked. After each session the computer reverts to start state, completely removing credit card information, passwords and any other details from within the session. SurferQuest can also block objectionable browser content, protecting you from the liability that can come from guest browsing in a public setting.

There are plenty of things to worry about in 2020, SurferQuest is not one of them. With SurferQuest you can feel confident that guest information is protected.

Join SurferQuest for the upcoming 2020 Best Western Virtual Convention October 27-29

SurferQuest is proud to attend the Best Western Virtual Convention this year. The team will be showcasing their portfolio of business center solutions, guest technology and covid response products online, October 22 – 27.

Attendees may access the virtual show by following:

We hope to see you there!

A History of SurferQuest, as written by Happy Valley Industry

If you went to Penn State in the early 2000s, you might remember a little internet café in downtown State College called Java Vista. While Java Vista stopped serving up espresso and Wi-Fi long ago, the proprietary software that fueled the café has gone on to power hotel business centers around the world.

“Perhaps we started a bit too early in technology,” says Kathryn Koning, president and CEO of Global Software Applications, speaking about the proprietary software that café Java Vista offered. The café’s computers used software that Koning and her team had designed. It allowed people to have access to a computer, and once they were finished, all personal information was wiped before the next person used it. The tech was groundbreaking for its time, but the café struggled for a much different, surprising reason: “The students thought we were part of the campus computer lab and so they would bring in their own food. Since we were a café, that did not work out very well,” Koning says.

From Internet Café to Times Square Hotel
Eventually they made the decision to close down the café and take the software they’d developed in a different direction. Koning says that New York seemed like a good place to further the technology. “I walked into the Westin NYC in Times Square carrying a bulky white computer (we all remember that one) and with the skill of a door-to-door sales person, I persuaded them to let us put the computer in their lobby for their guests to use. I remember being asked, ‘What do you call it?’ I saw a gentleman carrying a briefcase and quickly responded ‘It’s a Business Center,’ and that is how the hotel ‘Business Center’ got its start.”
That was 20 years ago. Today, this WBENC-certified company runs SurferQuest, a user-friendly, secure business center solution that solves technology problems for 4 and 5-star resorts and casinos around the globe.

The goal is simple: offering business center solutions for hotels and resorts that are easy-to-use, customizable, secure – and completely supported by experts who offer 24/7 live support. They handle technology so hospitality businesses can keep their focus on creating a great experience for their guests. 

“There are other companies that offer business center services,” Koning says of the Happy Valley-based business, “but the software is not developed in-house, which can be really frustrating when users require technical support. All SurferQuest support calls are handled by the team that developed the software, and support is offered live, 365 days per year. But what makes us stand out is that we operate like a small company where everyone is important. I teach my staff that no matter how small or trivial a problem may seem to them, to the person on the other side, it is the most important thing going on for them at that moment and must be top priority.”

Enabling Safe Reopening With Digital Wayfinding
Global Software Applications has created other software solutions for everyday problems, and one of them has been particularly in high demand due to COVID-19. Here2There, a digital wayfinding software, operates like GPS for large indoor spaces, and as large spaces like schools, museums and conference centers look to safely reopen, the need for wayfinding has skyrocketed. “By using landmarks and weighted pathways, our wayfinding system uses turn-by-turn text directions to guide users to their final destinations,” Koning says. “Through the use of QR codes, directions are sent to the user’s phone, making it easier to navigate.” 

Here2There software is ADA-compliant, meaning that those with ambulatory issues are automatically routed to the paths that are accessible. “The aim is to support social distancing by making it easier for users to get to their destinations rather than using signage that may be confusing leading to increased traffic in public areas.”

In addition to accessibility options, the company is also working on helping these locations in the fight against the pandemic. “We are currently working on facial recognition that will determine highly populated areas even down to whether a mask is being worn or not.”

Expert Advice in the Time of COVID
Building facial recognition and mask detection into software is just one of the ways that the company is helping customers during COVID-19. 

“We have become a ‘consultant’ of sorts,” Koning says of the pivot from focusing on the internal workings of the company to reaching out to those in need. “We’ve been helping hoteliers and business owners navigate federal funding, make decisions about staffing, even down to whether or not to keep their doors open for business. It’s sad when a long standing client comes to you and says, ‘We have to close our doors, and don’t know if we will be able to open them again.’ We have used our vast network of contacts to connect our clients to those who can help them find their way when we were not in a place to assist. We have become a huge family in this industry and the compassion shown is a superhuman feat. We could not be more proud of our industry for doing what is best for everyone, and having faith in each other.”

In addition to consulting, they’re also providing temperature scanners for the staff and guests, and UVC lighting to aid in safely reopening. Koning says that equipping clients with safety equipment is just part of who they are as a company. 

“Every day, new guidelines are created, and businesses have had to adapt quickly.This means paying attention to trends, deciding which resources to deploy and mandating unpopular rules that may cost them business in the short (and long) term. Will we come back from it? Definitely, hopefully wiser and more educated from the experience. In order to ensure this, we must pay attention to the guidelines, ask questions for clarification and, just as important, continue to treat our clients and ourselves kindly and with integrity.” 
To find out more about how SurferQuest can help you with business center solutions, go to or call 888-733-4365.

Kathryn Koning of Global Software Applications: What I Wish I Would Have Known Starting Out
When Kathryn Koning was beta-testing her proprietary software in an internet café in downtown State College, there were much fewer women in technology fields.
I see more and more women in technology every day. Many women hold top positions within major IT companies and lead technical positions within our industry,” she says,
She advises women starting out in tech to never lose their certitude, and if need be, push through doors that are only slightly open. 
And if she could give advice to her younger self as she was just starting out in the field? “Two takeaways I wish I would have known are to make sure to patent your technology and concept, and to know that it’s OK to take ‘no’ as an answer every once in a while.”

SurferQuest stands with the hotel industry, protect your business center for a price you can afford

The last few months have been full of changes and the way we do business as a society has shifted. Because of the shelter in place orders we all followed in March, many businesses have taken a financial hit and many more still have shuttered permanently. The hotel industry was halted to a stop due to travel restrictions and hoteliers are only now starting to slowly restore occupancy rates.

The needs of the hotel industry have not lessened, even though travel has. Hotels still need towels, clean sheets, breakfast and a protected business center. This can be hard to budget with lower revenues, and the SurferQuest team understands that you need a price to match your current budget.

Leaving computers unprotected can lead to costly viruses that corrupt your machine and make it unusable. Repairs can cost hundreds of dollars and can get tricky without the guidance of a knowledgeable IT person. By making one small annual payment, SurferQuest will protect you from the cost and headache of future damages as well as protect your guests from identity theft.

To further protect guests, SurferQuest is now providing a line of business center disinfecting solutions to combat transmission of the virus. Keeping you, your staff and your guests protected all around is our top priority.

We stand with the hotel industry and look forward to what the future brings. Give us a call for a consultation and take advantage of the lowest price in the industry.


To all of our friends during this trying time

On behalf of the SurferQuest™ Team:

We share your concerns regarding the Coronavirus, (COVID-19), knowing that many individuals, families, and businesses will be directly affected.  We are taking this opportunity to reach out and let you know what SurferQuest is doing to make sure that you and your guests receive the reliable, secure products and services that are the hallmarks of the hospitality industry.

In times like these, the guests ability to communicate and have their information kept secure is of utmost importance.  That will not change.  SurferQuest technical support for business center and guest engagement solutions will continue to be offered as a live, phone and email service that is accessible 24/7/365 for staff and guests.  Projects that have been undertaken to improve communication and enhance guest safety are moving forward.  Those individuals and property management company representatives interested in obtaining more information are still able to access our knowledgeable sales reps, while we have enacted programs for those interested in installation and purchase to support the hospitality industry in its recovery.

SurferQuest has postponed attending large scale events.  Due to technological safeguards we have in place. our team members are able to work from home to limit exposure to the COVID-19 virus .  This is vital, especially for those with pre-existing conditions and their families.

Monitoring updates from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) concerning COVID-19 will continue.  Member safety and client service are of the greatest importance.  We will continue to improve our products and processes as well as update our policies accordingly.

In everything, please be kind.  We wish all of you the very best.

The SurferQuest team invites you to the Best Western Annual Convention and the Wyndham Global Conference this fall

SurferQuest will be in attendance at two very exciting trade shows in the fall of 2019, showcasing their popular Social Center solution. The iPad and secure locking enclosure combo has already been adopted by several major chains, and mandated by one well known brand as well.

The SurferQuest booth will feature Social Center demonstrations to test the application functionality. The Social Center software removes all session content after each use and provides access to apps such as yelp, hotel rewards, guest feedback, boarding passes, google maps, safari and more.

Come find us at the following trade shows and access discounts on business center solutions in celebration of the conventions.

September 25, 26, 27 2019

Wyndham Global Conference

Mandalay Bay Resort

Las Vegas, NV

October 3, 4 2019

Best Western Annual Convention and Conference

Gaylord National Resort

National Harbor, MD

Booth numbers to be announced, we hope to see you there!




SurferQuest Team in Atlanta for AAHOA Events August 5th and 6th 2019

The SurferQuest team will be traveling to the AAHOA Vendor Appreciation and AAHOA Regional in Atlanta August 5th and 6th 2019.

SurferQuest is a founding AAHOA member and looks forward to getting back in touch with many of our hotelier friends! The team is looking forward to meeting new faces as well.

If you are attending these events, stop by and say hello! A demonstration of SurferQuest’s popular Social Center will be available, and the team loves to network.

See you there!

SurferQuest™ Line of Hospitality Solutions returns to HITEC (Jun 10, 2019)

Global Software Applications, LLC, recently announced SurferQuest Hospitality Solutions is now offering Mobile Cloud Printing from anywhere in the world, complete with full features, reliable functionality and affordable pricing to the hospitality industry.
State College, Pa. and Minneapolis, MN — HITEC Booth #636 — June 10, 2019 — (PRWeb) —SurferQuest™, a nationally certified Woman Owned company dedicated to the hospitality industry, will be returning to exhibit at HFTP’s annual HITEC hospitality technology trade show in Minneapolis, June 17-20. SurferQuest™ will be showcasing their secure refresh software suite alongside the various platforms they have been providing to the hospitality industry for 2 decades. Now, as a part of their all-in-one hospitality solutions they are offering secure mobile cloud printing solutions.

Last month, SurferQuest™ announced true solid state mobile printing from anywhere and any device, which combines state-of-the-art hardware with military-grade encryption to secure and protect guest data during rest and transit.  All transactions are safe, secure, and deliver exceptional printing services reaching guests wherever they are. SurferQuest™ believes printing should be available anywhere from on property, hotels, restaurants, poolside, nightclubs, and special events. With a single privately emailed code, you can transfer your print job to any location.

Turnkey Mobile Printing Solutions: Easily implement our system into your current business processes. Showcase your property or your business logo and information to all mobile customers searching for a nearby print station.   You can generate a new revenue stream with no hassle by deploying it as a pay-for-print amenity. Revenue is generated by charging guests and visitors through our e-commerce and m-commerce solution without expensive add-ons. E-printing is the most cost-effective solution on the market for hotels – it’s less than $1 a day. But that’s not the only way SurferQuest™ helps boost revenue. With the ability to use your existing resources you can modernize your printing environment and turn your existing printers into a release station from which guests can send and receive their print jobs.

“After a highly successful launch of our mobile cloud printing, we are excited to participate in HITEC 2019 to demonstrate the unmatched value that it can bring to the hospitality industry,” said Kathryn Koning, CEO of SurferQuest. “We’ve seen a spike in hoteliers asking for a solid, secure printing solution that can not only cut down the number of problems that come with offering this amenity, but that can also produce additional revenue that does more than just cover consumables. Mobile printing not only strengthens our overall offering and the savings it can bring to hotels and resorts. It works seamlessly and reduces the stress of offering printing solutions.”

HITEC attendees can visit SurferQuest hospitality Solutions in booth #636 for a demo of our products and more information on their complete solutions — which provide many ways to enhance guest facing technologies in hotels and resorts — along with new promotions for both merchants and partners, including free drawings for devices, a rate-match guarantee and waived fees.

To learn more about SurferQuest, visit or email /


About Global Software Applications and SurferQuest™

Global Software Applications is a successful software development company, specializing in self-service applications for the hospitality industry since 1999. Beginning with SurferQuest™ our secure public access computer software become widely recognized for providing secure, affordable guest facing solutions to many thousands of resorts and casinos around the world.

SurferQuest ™ has grown to become one of the most trusted sources for custom software development. Combining our years of programming experience and our dedication to our number 1 product, our 24/7/365 superior customer service,


Media Contact 

Kali Davis


Meet the SurferQuest team this Summer

The Summer of 2019 is shaping up to be a big travel year for SurferQuest. The team would love to meet you! Come find us at any of the following trade shows to see the SurferQuest Social Center in action and full product demonstrations. We love to make new friends!

HITEC Minneapolis June 18, 19, 20 Booth #636

Hawaii Lodging Hospitality and Food Service Expo July 10, 11 Booth #444

Wyndham Hotels Annual Convention Las Vegas September 25, 26, 27 Booth to be announced

Best Western Annual Convention Maryland October 3, 4, 5, 6 Booth to be announced

SurferQuest will also be in attendance at a variety of upcoming trade shows and will announce the dates and locations soon. The team looks forward to meeting new faces!