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Miss Smith is the business developer for Global Software Applications and Here2There Software. Here2There is interactive digital wayfinding for universities, malls, hospitals, stadiums, and other large venues. Smith also specializes in the following apps: - Print My Boarding Pass / Boarding pass printing - Flight Time TV / Airport and Flight Status for screen display - Business Center and kiosk software for charging for usage and charging for printing.

SurferQuest Mac interface: Loews Chicago



Access your boarding pass at

Since 2001, SurferQuest has been providing secure business center services to hotel guests of the most recognizable brands in the industry. Hotels and travel are synonymous, and we cant think of a better way to celebrate travel efficiency than offering a direct portal to  print boarding passes!

While guests can still access SurferQuest’s boarding pass kiosks at many world wide hotels, anyone can use this portal for free right from home. connects users directly to their airline for quick and easy boarding pass printing. Leave the guess work out of browsing through an airline’s multiple menus and pages, Print My Boarding Pass connects you right to your boarding pass. Browse to the site, find the button with your airline name and/or logo and click!

Locate or purchase your boarding pass with out the additional stress of navigation or waiting hours for airline support. Give it a try and let us know what you think!

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Stay Tuned for information on the New SQ 8!

SurferQuest is preparing for the near future launch of an all new, feature packed business center application, SQ 8.

What is SQ 8?

SQ 8 is the next release in the suite of SurferQuest business center software. The software, developed in 2001, is in service at over 3,000 hotels world wide. The software enables properties to charge for usage and printing or offer at no cost, as well as prohibiting user access to the settings and control panel while removing session content and preventing viruses. Additional up grades such as boarding pass printing and browser content filtering in combination with complete interface customization and 24 hour support have made SurferQuest one of the most trusted brands in the industry.

The new SQ8 will give clients complete control of feature, functionality and interface layout. With the implementation of tiles and a new account management system, SurferQuest clients will have the ability to completely build their system, inserting logos, choosing which tiles to offer (facebook, boarding passes, web browsing, weather and flight widgets, etc) while still having access to the base features of SQ7.


The release is scheduled for the end of the first quarter, following SQ’s MAC os compatibility upgrade.

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SurferQuest Announces Specialized Program for Best Western Hotels

SurferQuest, a Pennsylvania based hotel technology company, is proud to announce a specialized business center solutions package tailored to suit Best Western Hotels.

As of November 1 2015, SurferQuest has welcomed an influx in BW Hotels, bringing on 17 new Best Western clients during the last few weeks of the year. In response, SQ has designed a package unique to Best Western and the chain’s brand standards to specifically suit the needs of each BW hotel.

In addition to an interface built specially for Best Western and apps that reflect the chain’s standards, SQ has also implemented BW exclusive lower pricing. Each hotel will have the opportunity to upgrade their business center services and guest tech for a fraction of the typical cost to do so.

The interface will enable guests to quickly and easily select from tiles that direct users to email, social media, office, internet browsing and boarding pass printing. The new interface will also reflect Best Western’s branding and hotel images.

Best Western guests will also have access to local entertainment, events, transport, flight status and dining.

With this newly released Best Western specific program, SurferQuest hopes to provide BW a more convenient and cost effective avenue to upgrading their business center services and offering their guests a way to stay connected.

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New Business Center Computers, Complimentary Guest Access and Additional Monthly Revenue for Hotels

If you have ever been in the offices of a hotel, behind the desk and behind the scenes, you have seen the hallways in the back are unfinished and the offices are pieced together with mismatched furniture and hand me down computers. This is not because the hotel overlooks the admin, this is because every penny of the hotel’s revenue is focused on the guest rooms, amenities and experience. The dedication of a hotel lies in guest satisfaction.

So how do the hotels come up with extra capital for amenities such as business center computers? Working in the hotel tech industry for a decade, I have witnessed the struggle that this can be. With so many expenses, every dollar is precious.

Programs like SurferQuest’s revenue sharing were created to alleviate this burden and help hotels to provide their guests with access to brand new machines and that much appreciated extra revenue.Without any investment required, SQ will upgrade the hotel business center to brand new computers, services, apps and printers.

In the past, revenue sharing required the hotel to charge guests for business center access. As more and more hotels are offering complimentary access this is no longer possible, thus not allowing hotels to profit or enjoy the benefits of such programs.

Why not have it all?

With SurferQuest’s new revenue sharing model, guests can access the computer free, while the hotel will still get a completely upgraded business center AND an additional revenue stream.

How does it work?

Simple. Guests will not be charged for computer access, but will be charged to print. With everyone carrying a smart phone these days, the largest percentage of business center traffic is generated by guests requiring a printer. Access, the computer at no cost, and print what could not be printed from the phone.

Everyone is happy! The hotel has brand new computers and printers to provide their guests while making extra money each month, and guests have free computer access.

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