SurferQuest Mobile printing enables guests to print from their own devices

Secure Cloud Printing
Explore Cloud Printing  

Printing boarding passes, itineraries, and documents has never been easier for the modern traveler. SQ Hospitality Mobile Printing ensures your guests have the information they need, printed with ease. Cloud Printing keeps your guests — and their information, safe and secure.

  Mobile Devices

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) support ensures users don’t need to touch any shared equipment when printing

Secure Release

Secure release codes prevent the wrong person from retrieving a user’s documents
Any Network

Print from any networkBranded Interface

The printing interface can be branded to suit your property  

Pro tip: Keep things extra clean by offering in-room UV-C light cleaning capsules for your guest’s devices

Global Software Applications, d.b.a. SurferQuest
672 Tyrone Pike
Philipsburg PA 16866


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