Month: July 2020

SurferQuest stands with the hotel industry, protect your business center for a price you can afford

The last few months have been full of changes and the way we do business as a society has shifted. Because of the shelter in place orders we all followed in March, many businesses have taken a financial hit and many more still have shuttered permanently. The hotel industry was halted to a stop due to travel restrictions and hoteliers are only now starting to slowly restore occupancy rates.

The needs of the hotel industry have not lessened, even though travel has. Hotels still need towels, clean sheets, breakfast and a protected business center. This can be hard to budget with lower revenues, and the SurferQuest team understands that you need a price to match your current budget.

Leaving computers unprotected can lead to costly viruses that corrupt your machine and make it unusable. Repairs can cost hundreds of dollars and can get tricky without the guidance of a knowledgeable IT person. By making one small annual payment, SurferQuest will protect you from the cost and headache of future damages as well as protect your guests from identity theft.

To further protect guests, SurferQuest is now providing a line of business center disinfecting solutions to combat transmission of the virus. Keeping you, your staff and your guests protected all around is our top priority.

We stand with the hotel industry and look forward to what the future brings. Give us a call for a consultation and take advantage of the lowest price in the industry.