Month: December 2017

The travel concierge: Small footprint boarding pass printing station for your hotel’s front desk

Imagine a busy day of check ins, and you have guests lining up to request help printing their boarding passes before checking out. You want to be able to assist all of your guests in an efficient manner but searching for an airline, collecting your guests flight information, entering it into online forms and printing can account for a lot of missed time at the end of the week.

Boarding pass printing is an often overlooked, but necessary service to offer for your traveling guests. Not only does this solve the need for guests to ask front desk for printing services, but it also provides a convenient self service tool!

SurferQuest offers an aesthetic, completely stand alone solution to your boarding pass needs. Available on Windows and Ipad tablets, Print My Boarding Pass provides your guests with an app that accesses a database of airlines for quick printing on a sleek interface.

The tablets are small foot print and include locking floor or desk mount stands that offer complete convenience and take up very little space!

Enjoy the perks of freeing up your front desk staff and providing a modern alternative to a kiosk. Let SurferQuest help you with a consultation today!