Month: February 2016

Stay Tuned for information on the New SQ 8!

SurferQuest is preparing for the near future launch of an all new, feature packed business center application, SQ 8.

What is SQ 8?

SQ 8 is the next release in the suite of SurferQuest business center software. The software, developed in 2001, is in service at over 3,000 hotels world wide. The software enables properties to charge for usage and printing or offer at no cost, as well as prohibiting user access to the settings and control panel while removing session content and preventing viruses. Additional up grades such as boarding pass printing and browser content filtering in combination with complete interface customization and 24 hour support have made SurferQuest one of the most trusted brands in the industry.

The new SQ8 will give clients complete control of feature, functionality and interface layout. With the implementation of tiles and a new account management system, SurferQuest clients will have the ability to completely build their system, inserting logos, choosing which tiles to offer (facebook, boarding passes, web browsing, weather and flight widgets, etc) while still having access to the base features of SQ7.


The release is scheduled for the end of the first quarter, following SQ’s MAC os compatibility upgrade.

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