SurferQuest Hotel Business Center Hardware Options

Choosing hardware for your hotel

Surfer Quest’s team of business center experts have been building hardware packages designed with the needs of each unique hotel in mind for the past 15 years. Let us build one for you.

Enjoy the benefits of a SQ hardware package

When you purchase a system through SurferQuest, you can feel assured that your hotel will receive a customized solution complete with 24 / 7 technical support, customer service and hardware warranties.

Any purchase of SurferQuest hardware includes the first year of software and support free. In addition to business center pc software, you have full access to additional apps such as boarding pass printing and content filtering.

The small form factor system

Perfect for business centers that don’t want to sacrifice quality to save space. The small form factor PC includes a 19” monitor, your choice of Windows, 2GB of memory and an Intel atom processor.

SQ 1800 Desktop System


*First yr software + support included free

The sleek all in one desktop

This machine stays true to classic form, and will complement any environment. Complete with a 20” screen, your choice of Windows, 2GB memory and an Intel media accelerator, this system is sure to impress.

SQ 2000 Desktop System


*First yr software + support included free


The executive system

This computer means business. A thin 22” touch screen computer powered by 4GB memory, your choice of Windows and an Intel I3 processor, this system will help your guests power through any project.

SQ 2200 Desktop System


*First yr software + support included free                             

We are pleased to serve you

Since 2001, SurferQuest has been proud to set the industry standard in business center solutions and hotel and guest technology.

SurferQuest is committed to meeting the needs of every hotel it serves with specially designed solutions. Every app within SQ’s product portfolio is continually upgraded and tailored to provide only the best for your guests.

Contact us today for a consultation



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