Month: September 2015

SurferQuest Hotel Business Center Hardware Options

Choosing hardware for your hotel

Surfer Quest’s team of business center experts have been building hardware packages designed with the needs of each unique hotel in mind for the past 15 years. Let us build one for you.

Enjoy the benefits of a SQ hardware package

When you purchase a system through SurferQuest, you can feel assured that your hotel will receive a customized solution complete with 24 / 7 technical support, customer service and hardware warranties.

Any purchase of SurferQuest hardware includes the first year of software and support free. In addition to business center pc software, you have full access to additional apps such as boarding pass printing and content filtering.

The small form factor system

Perfect for business centers that don’t want to sacrifice quality to save space. The small form factor PC includes a 19” monitor, your choice of Windows, 2GB of memory and an Intel atom processor.

SQ 1800 Desktop System


*First yr software + support included free

The sleek all in one desktop

This machine stays true to classic form, and will complement any environment. Complete with a 20” screen, your choice of Windows, 2GB memory and an Intel media accelerator, this system is sure to impress.

SQ 2000 Desktop System


*First yr software + support included free


The executive system

This computer means business. A thin 22” touch screen computer powered by 4GB memory, your choice of Windows and an Intel I3 processor, this system will help your guests power through any project.

SQ 2200 Desktop System


*First yr software + support included free                             

We are pleased to serve you

Since 2001, SurferQuest has been proud to set the industry standard in business center solutions and hotel and guest technology.

SurferQuest is committed to meeting the needs of every hotel it serves with specially designed solutions. Every app within SQ’s product portfolio is continually upgraded and tailored to provide only the best for your guests.

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Flight Status in your hotel and other digital signage solutions


Display flight status in your hotel

Give your guests the ability to quickly verify the status of flights from the comfort of the hotel lobby or guest rooms.

Flight Time TV’s portfolio of digital signage products were designed with the tech forward traveler in mind. Provide your guests with an interactive display that will show flight status, news, weather, and local events.


This service will provide your guests with the convenience of real time updates before leaving your hotel. Upon noticing their delayed or cancelled flight, they can then rebook or spend time in the hotel bar or restaurant.


Integrate into available media displays, such as your guest room tv network, digital signage system or in any available public space using a dedicated screen.


Flight Time TV is available in a variety of formats and display methods to meet the unique needs of every hotel. The cost of service is not affected by the number of screens displaying flight status.


Choosing the dedicated display format will enable you to provide flight status on any number of lobby displays. Dedicated displays will broadcast Flight Time TV only.


The video format is for displaying FTTV on guest room screens. Flight Time TV is able to connect to the guest network and broadcast on an available channel.


Implementing the XML format enables you to easily customize and integrate Flight Time TV into any existing digital signage system. Incorporating the XML feed will seamlessly include FTTV in the interface of your DS system.


With Flight Time TV, you can take your concierge services a step forward. Provide an interactive display that will enable guests to access the information they need at their convenience. Completely customizable in every way, FTTV’s interactive DS will suit your brand.

Give your guests access to

Flight status updates

Boarding pass printing

Interactive maps of the area

Local dining

Local entertainment


Flight Time TV’s interactive DS has easy to use content management that will allow you to offer as much or as little content as desired. Provide the entire list of options, or show only flight status and boarding pass printing. The choice is yours.


Perfect for digital signage companies, digital content providers and hotel IT organizations, Flight Time TV’s reseller package is designed to suit the needs of any hotel. Pricing discounts are available to resellers, and FTTV’s team of trained technicians are always on standby to assist.


Flight Time TV has been proud to serve more than 2000 hotels with digital signage solutions since 2001. Working with many of the world’s most well-known brands, FTTV’s is focused on providing only the best in hotel and guest tech.

SurferQuest’s Business Center Solutions

Since 2001, SurferQuest has been focused on providing guest tech and hotel apps that will serve the unique needs of every user. Packages ranging from travel oriented app suites to tech for the business traveler are continually upgraded and tailored to provide the most efficient services possible.

SurferQuest products are maintained and developed by Global Software Applications, the creators of Here2There Interactive Wayfinding and Flight Time TV flight status displays.

The business center suite

Maintaining business center computers can be a nightmare for your hotel’s IT team. Your public computers are in constant use, and steadily exposed to the threat of viruses, key loggers and software malfunctions. Not only can business center maintenance be difficult for IT, it is a constant job. Freeing up the time of your tech team for more important matters can not only save the hotel money, but assure that important matters requiring tech arent pushed aside.

SurferQuest software prevents access to the computer’s settings and control panel, and returns the machine to default settings after each session. SQ protects your guests by removing all left over content such as passwords, credit cards and other important personal information.

The software is also versatile, and will enable you to either offer free to guest or at a charge. Versions like SQ Time contain all of the security and maintenance free features of SQ, with the addition of sessions that can be set for predetermined limits. Complimentary access can be offered in sessions of 15 minutes, 30 minutes or 60 minutes. Charging to print also assures that you will not be spending hundreds each month on print disposables.

The Travel suite

To meet the needs of your travelers, SQ has created a suite of apps focused on providing the access your guests need. Flight status displays will enable you to broadcast the departure and arrival status of any airport(s) directly to your lobby and guest room tvs. The displays include information such as gate number, flight number, airline name, and the cancelled, delayed or on time status.

Print my boarding pass will provide your guests with direct access to a database of airlines for quick and easy printing of their boarding passes. This app contains all of the security features of the SQ suite.

With this year’s release of SurferQuest’s interactive digital signage, all of these features are provided centrally in one app. The extended version includes local dining, events, transit, internet browsing, and interactive maps.

Revenue Sharing – Upgrade your business center

Want to offer the whole package, and provide brand new computers and hardware for your guests? Consider SurferQuest’s revenue share program. For qualifying hotels, SQ will provide all full suite of apps, brand new hardware and full 24 / 7 service and support at no cost to the hotel.

As with all SQ products, each app puts full control and customizability in your hands. The back end content manager and admin account enables the interface to be built and customized to suit the needs of any location. The content is also easily controlled, allowing the admin to choose what is displayed and where it will appear.

The button placement, colors, size and style can all be built to suit. The program enables you to control visibility, active status, available button color, text color, and even opacity of buttons. The logo graphics or branding images are also controlled and customized through the admin account. You have control over placement, visibility and grid positioning.

Monitoring the use of your machines, revenue, status and reports are also right at your finger tips. Set the idle time out, upload welcome screen ads, and customize all of your preferences.

SurferQuest believes in customer service.

SurferQuest is committed to meeting the needs of every hotel it serves with specially designed custom solutions. Every app within SQ’s product portfolio is built to suite to provide only the best for your guests.

Dedicated to hotel and guest satisfaction, SQ’s team of educated experts are always on standby to provide technical support and consultation.

SurferQuest has been proud to set the industry standard in business center solutions and hotel and guest technology.

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