SQ Link: Using and customizing the interactive digital signage app for hotels

As my readers know, SurferQuest has released an interactive app this year for the hospitality industry that enables guests to access local dining, events, new, weather, boarding passes, flight status, tickets and interactive maps of the local area.

Today’s entry will be dedicated to the back ground of the program and how it is built, managed and customized.

Customization: building the interface

With the back end content manager and admin account, the interface can be built and customized to suit the needs of any location. The content is also easily controlled, allowing the admin to choose what is displayed and where it will appear.


The button placement, colors, size and style can all be built to suit. The program enables you to control visibility, active status, available button color, text color, border weight and even opacity of buttons.

ScreenClip [5]ScreenClip [3]

The logo graphics or branding images are also controlled and customized through the admin account. You have control over placement, visibility and grid positioning.

ScreenClip [2]

The flight board plug in style allows for changes to back ground color, opacity, header text and colorization, border color and weight and corner radius. Additionally, the content can be controlled as well enabling you to choose whether to show arrivals and / or departures, input airport codes, show toggle buttons and customize visibility.

ScreenClip [6]

The travel board logo placement can be changed as well as the boarding pass printing button. The content can be customized and the icon can be changed completely if desired.

ScreenClip [7]

Interactive Maps: using Wayfinding Pro to provide navigation for the local area

This image is a static representation of the interactive mapping segment of SQ Link. SurferQuest has partnered with Wayfinding Pro to offer an interactive and convenient answer to traditional wayfinding, accessible through the link system.

Link - MAP

The admin would use WFP to map the local area or desired areas to offer directions to, and the map would appear within the “Maps” button. Guests are able to view line and text directions, while also having access to a directory of popular destinations.

SQ Link is available as a demo, call today to test Link and find out how interactive digital signage can serve you.


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