Flight Time TV’s new website goes live!

Flight Time TV, the long trusted provider of flight status and digital signage displays for 1000’s of hotels, is now announcing the completion and release of their newly updated and redesigned company website: http://www.flighttimetv.com.

Now prospective and current clients alike can browse to FTTV’s new site for information on new digital signage packages, reselling, upgrades and referrals.

The newly designed site delivers a very clear and direct message about the benefit of using Flight Time TV and the different options for display.

The site lists the various formats in which FTTV can be broadcast, such as:

1. On guest room tvs by plugging into a spare channel on the guest tv network

2. Dedicated lobby display

3. Integration into existing apps via HTML, RSS or XML, all of which are easily customizable


The new website also give testimonials and references from other satisfied hotels, specifics into how the system works and the avenues in which the information is obtained, as well as back ground information on the 8 year old company.

Partnering with Flight Time TV is detailed on a separate section of the page, giving those that wish to resell insight into how the program works, and why adding FTTV to their portfolio is a benefit. By working with Flight Time, partners and resellers are adding an additional product to make available to their own clients and in turn generating another revenue stream.

Flight Time TV was created by the developers of SurferQuest business center software to meet the travel needs of hotels and their guests. Flight Time TV has recently joined another SurferQuest product to provide interactive digital signage that offers guests access to flight status, boarding passes, local events, dining, weather, news, entertainment, shopping, web browsing and interactive maps of the area.

Flight Time TV’s new site upgrade comes after Global Software Applications and SurferQuest business center solutions both released the newest versions of their own sites.

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