Month: April 2015

Content Filtering: How hotels can prevent their guests from viewing inappropriate content on business center machines

This is more of a minor solution, but one that steadily grows in demand. It seems that as time goes on, more and more hotels are requesting the ability to lock their computer’s browsers and prevent guests from viewing objectionable content.

Understandably so, most computers and business centers are in very public area. Hoteliers need to protect the general population of guests from the few that have poor judgment of bad content in public.

With SurferQuest’s browser content filter, any sites that contain inappropriate materials will be blocked. The content filter works by preventing access to the following sites:

– Sites containing nudity

– Sites with inappropriate language

– Sites containing hateful speech

– Any “black listed” sites

The browser content filter is an effective yet simple and cheap method for protecting your guests from exposure to questionable material.

At $59 per computer, per year, the filter is highly accessible and budget friendly. This app can be easily installed, and only takes a moment.

(This app is only available in addition to SurferQuest business center software)