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Product Guide: Hotel Business Center Computer Apps


BUSINESS CENTER SOLUTIONS: Software, Additional Applications and Support Packages


With SurferQuest, you can charge your guests for usage or offer complimentary. The software eliminates the need for a business center attendant, or routine maintenance and monitoring. The software protects your computers from viruses and key loggers, and protects your guests from having their personal information stolen, such as credit card numbers and passwords. After each session, all content is erased and the machine is refreshed back to its original settings. The interface can be customized and branded to suit.

Charge for usage with SQ Charge

SQ Charge provides computer access to your guests at a rate you set. Manage your account through the back office web tool. Accept credit cards or prepaid access cards for usage. Sessions can be set pay as you go, or set for increments such as 15, 30 and 60 minute.

Offer complimentary with SQ Basic

Give your guests complimentary access to desktop apps such as Microsoft Office and internet browsers, while still protecting your machines with the same features of SQ Charge. While offering free usage, you can still set predetermined sessions with SurferQuest Time.


Additional Applications for your SurferQuest machine

Charge for Printing with Pay Per Print

For SurferQuest Charge accounts, Pay Per Print is an additional application enabling you to charge your guests for printing based on rates you set. Different rates can be set for black and white or color prints. Set your rates per page, through the back office web tool.


Browser Content Filter

SurferQuest’s browser content filter enables you to restrict access to objectionable or offensive sites and content. This application is updated daily, keeping your users protected.

Print My Boarding Pass

This E-Ticket application connects your guests to a database of airlines, and provides quick and easy retrieval of their boarding passes for printing. PMBP provides access to all major and most minor airlines. Guests can locate their boarding passes using the database or search function. This app can be set as an additional service, or a computer dedicated feature.


SQ Function 1

Lock your machines into a dedicated program, such as the internet explorer, preventing access to any other functions. This application also works for other party software.


Service and Support Packages for Staff and Guests

Standard Support             

This support package is available to your staff members from the hours of 8am to 6pm EST, as a live phone support service. Standard Support also provides you with access to your online account through the back office web tool.

Extended Support            

This support package is available to your staff and guests 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All support is live, and remote trouble shooting is available with Extended Support. Online account access is also included.

Online Account  

Included with both support packages, your online account will give you the ability to monitor usage, print revenue reports, set your rates for sessions and printing with SQ Charge, and upload logos and customize your interface.


Company Bio

SurferQuest has been proudly serving the hotel and business industry since 1998. Currently, SQ business center applications are in over 2000 hotels. Brands we work with include Westin, Hyatt, Sheraton, Radisson, Double Tree, Omni, Marriott, Best Western, Wyndham, Comfort Inn and many boutique resorts as well.

Here is a listing of a few of our clients:

Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort

Mt. Washington Resort

Grand America Resort

Holiday Inn Pearl

Grand Hotel Stockholm

Hilton Stamford

Sheraton Station Square

Atlantica Halifax Hotel

Comfort Inn Durango

Stephen F Austin Hotel

Marriott Salt Lake City

Sheraton Dallas

Hotel Avante

Hotel Fullerton and Conference Center

Seattle Tacoma Conference Center

Tulalip Resort and Casino

Hyatt Clearwater

Wyndham Las Vegas

LaQuinta Pittsburgh

Terra Resorts Group

References and Client Testimonials

Grand Hyatt Kauai and Camp Hyatt:

“We have been very happy with your service over the past 3 years since we’ve installed Camp Hyatt Computers. We would recommend SurferQuest for any business center.”

-Lydia Villanueva, Information Technology Manager

Grand Hyatt Atlanta:

“We partnered with SurferQuest and Flight Time TV for a real time solution that provided our guests current flight departure times and business center applications. Their products are in an easy to read and use format allowed our guests to stay updated and plan accordingly, while providing much needed business center services. Amanda has always been an outstanding representative, reliable, diligent in her follow-up, personable and solution driven.”

-David Gross, Associate Hotel Director

Loews Miami Beach:

“I worked with Amanda to provide Flight Time TV in the Loews Miami Beach Hotel. Process was fluid and working with Amanda and the company has been great.”

-Justin Creech, Assistant Hotel Manager



Business Center Computer Apps – White Paper

OFFICIAL WHITE PAPER HERE – Business Center Computers

Business Center Computers:

What you need to provide your guests with a full and secure business center

Guest computers can be a challenge

For most hotels, providing a business center for guests is a necessity. While many business travelers keep their smart phones, tablets and laptops with them, the business center is still an in demand amenity. USA Today wrote an article that quotes a guest as stating that they will not stay in a hotel that does not provide a business center. The demand for this amenity has not changed even with technology being more easily accessible.

Providing a business center can be a maintenance nightmare if not done correctly. Offering computers without security software to guests (not anti-virus) can leave your machines open to damage and hacking, and also expose your guests to the potential for key logging and theft of their personal information. Protecting your investment, protecting your guests, and providing a service that will not only be efficient but impress is the ultimate goal when implementing this amenity.

How do I protect my machines?

Business center machines, printers and services can be costly. The typical price for an all in one computer can easily climb past the thousand dollar mark. Protecting your investment is important. Implementing maintenance free software such as SurferQuest not only protects your machines and guests from identity theft, but also saves on the cost of employing a business center attendant, and the cost and time of IT staff to maintain the machines.

What is SurferQuest and what can it do for my machines?

SurferQuest is business center software that protects guest computers, and keeps them virtually maintenance free. After each session, the machines restore to their original settings. Any user content, viruses, credit information, etc, is removed. SQ also prevents users from accessing the computer’s settings and control panel. With SurferQuest, the concern that a guest will damage your machine is removed. SQ is insurance for your investment and peace of mind.

What features and apps can I offer through SQ?

SurferQuest provides a full suite of apps to meet the tech needs of your guests. Whether charging guests for usage and printing or offering simple boarding pass printing, SurferQuest is the solution to your business center needs. Here is a listing of features available with SQ apps:
Pay for use: With SurferQuest Charge you can set a price for computer use and printing. With Charge accounts, the settings can be adjusted to offer free use before being charged.

Content Filtering: Protect your guests from objectionable content by preventing browsing to questionable sites.

Boarding pass access: Print My Boarding Pass enables guests to easily locate their boarding pass and print. This can be an additional app on an SQ machine, or can lock the machine into this function alone.

Live flight status: Show the departure status of any airport(s) in your hotel. Can be broadcast in your business center, lobby or directly to guest room tvs.

Interactive Digital Signage: By offering SQ Link to your guests, they will have an interactive portal to local entertainment, dining, transportation, interactive maps of hotel and area, news, and more.

Technical Support

Live 24/7 phone support is available to staff members and guests. SurferQuest is always happy to assist.

Does SQ sell hardware?

SurferQuest provides various hardware options for purchase ranging from desk top units to all in one models. Each SQ machine sold includes options for hardware warranties to ensure your computers are protected against hardware damage. Each hardware order includes the first year of software and support at no cost.

How do I get started?

Getting started with SurferQuest is easy. SQ has been in business for the past 15 years, and our team members are industry experts. SurferQuest has served over 3,000 hotels and clients and look forward to serving you as well.

Call us today! Amanda Smith, SR Business Developer, 814-342-3120