SQ LINK: INTERACTIVE DIGITAL SIGNAGE – What it is, How it works and the benefits of adding link to your amenities


What is SQ Link?

SurferQuest has recently developed and released an interactive digital signage app. SQ Link provides guests with a direct portal to local entertainment, dining, events, weather, news, transportation and flight status. With the touch of a button guests can bring up restaurants and make reservations, request a cab or purchase a bus ticket, or access local venues and buy tickets for events. Additionally, SQ Link provides guests with an interactive map of the grounds and local area, complete with line and text directions generated with each selected destination. SQ Link can offer boarding pass printing and internet access as well.
Take your concierge services a step further.

The services and amenities offered at a hotel are what make a guest’s stay memorable, and what sets a hotel apart from the rest. Stay current with the demands for technology and convenience, and provide your guests with a digital and interactive concierge. The integrated wayfinding feature SQ Link offers is a step ahead of the traditional paper maps made available by the hotel concierge. Guests can select their destination, view local points of interest and retrieve turn by turn directions to the desired location.

SQ Link Homepage

Give your guests the ability to make reservations, purchase tickets, and find their way, all at the touch of a finger.

FTTV Disney Interface

SQ Link Home Page

The SQ Link home page features buttons for dining, transit, events, information, maps, boarding pass printing and internet browsing. To the left of the home screen is where guests can view their flight status, for the on time, delayed or cancelled status of their flights.

SQ Link Maps

The SQ Link Maps provide guests with interactive directions of the grounds and local area. The user can select a point as the destination and receive line and turn by turn text directions.

Link - MAP

Providing SQ Link in your Hotel

Whether you are a current SurferQuest customer and looking to add to your portfolio of business center services, or considering using SQ Link alone, we would be pleased to assist you in serving your guests. SQ Link is available in a variety of different packages to suit any hotel and budget. SurferQuest also offers demos and trial periods for testing.

If you are interested in expanding all of your business center services, SurferQuest can provide a full consultation and needs assessment. SQ is proud to offer a full line of business center products that will maximize your BC amenities.

“SQ Link is a huge success in my hotel. My guests love the convenience, and the mapping is a really impressive extended feature.”

General Manager, Wyndham Hotel, Chicago

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