Flight Time TV: Product Guide – offering flight status in your hotel


Display the real time departure and arrival status of any airport(s)
Live flight and airport status including delays and cancellations, made available to your guests
Dedicated Lobby Display
Broadcast departures and arrivals in real time, directly to lobby screens. Depending on screen size, Flight Time TV can show the flight information of up to 3 airports on a single screen. For smaller screen sizes, multiple airports will circulate with various screen slides. Requires Hardware.

Guest Room TV Network

Broadcast flight information to a spare channel on guest TV networks.  Using a modulator, a spare channel is selected and the flight status is broadcast directly to the guest room TV. Requires Hardware.

Highly customizable, easily integrated code to implement into existing signage applications and digital signage screens. Our own extended version includes news, weather and local events.

Flight Status Search is a widget for use on business center computers that enables guests to search their airline specifically for individualized flight information. Boarding pass printing is also available as a dedicated service or in addition to your guest computers for easy boarding pass access.

Flight Time TV Hardware Requirements and Set Up
Dedicated Lobby Display
To broadcast Flight Time TV directly to a lobby screen, a computer is needed to receive the real time updates via the internet. A small form factor machine can be used, and depending on the size of the lobby display, some models even fit up behind the screen.
Hardware Requirements
a. Computer running either Windows 7, XP, Home or Vista
b. 1 GB RAM
c. 1 Graphics Card
d. 1 HDMI or VGA (Video Cable)
e. 1 Ethernet Cable (Unless using Wifi)

Guest TV Network / Guest Room TVs
Flight Time TV can be set to broadcast directly to guest room TVs by selecting a spare channel on the guest TV network. For multiple airports, a single channel can be used if screen size is large enough. Otherwise multiple channels can be used for different airports.
Hardware Requirements
a. Computer running either Windows 7, XP, Home or Vista
b. 1 GB RAM
c. 1 Graphics Card
d. 1 RF Modulator
e. S Video input modulator
f. S Video Cable
g. Coaxial Cable
h. Ethernet Cable (Unless using Wifi)

With this type of feed, you can build Flight Time TV into any existing app or integrate into any digital signage / reader board. No hardware needed for this method. See below for an example of integration into board with multiple applications.
Hardware Packages are available through Flight Time TV, but it is not required that HW is obtained through FTTV. Units to support the feed may be purchased elsewhere as long as the hardware meets the minimum requirements.
Grand Hyatt Atlanta:
“We partnered with Flight Time TV for a real time solution that provided our guests current flight departure times and cancellations. Their products are in an easy to read and use format and allowed our guests to stay updated and plan accordingly, while providing a much needed services. Amanda has always been an outstanding representative, reliable, diligent in her follow-up, personable and solution driven.”
-David Gross, Associate Hotel Director
Loews Miami Beach:
“I worked with Amanda to provide Flight Time TV in the Loews Miami Beach Hotel. Process was fluid and working with Amanda and the company has been great.”
-Justin Creech, Assistant Hotel Manager
See Flight Time TV in the following hotels……

Clarion LaGuardia
Sheraton Reston
Hotel Pennsylvania
Marriott JFK
Manhattan Times Square
Marriott OHare
Miami International
Radisson Lexington
Westin Las Vegas
Cosmopolitan Las Vegas
Embassy Suites Denver
Gaylord Palms
Hilton Anatole
JW Marriott Indianapolis
Omni Dallas
Marriott Washington DC
Hotel Indigo
And many more!

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