Business Center Software: Why every hotel needs this solution

In 2001 SurferQuest was developed to meet the needs of frustrated Hotel managers, who were devoting valuable time and money into maintaining their business center computers. In this age of technology and social media and staying ever connected, hotels are now expected to have computers readily available for guest use. Mostly all hotels meet this need and provide computers, but few protect that investment with any more than a simple anti-virus.

Looking at this from a financial stand point, a hotel can expect to invest between $1200 – $4500 for one machine. This is not including the cost for a printer and printing supplies, or additional machines and software such as Microsoft office. This cost also does not include the amount that is expended every month on IT staff to maintain those machines.

With any substantial purchase, it is necessary to insure and protect your investment. Purchasing SurferQuest for the low cost of $149 per year not only insures that your machines stay protected and operational, but also removes the need for IT staff to maintain the machines. The cost saved here alone can be tremendous. SQ Machines do not require a manned business center environment. SQ is able to protect your machines by performing a restore after each session, and removing any user content including viruses and downloads.

Outside of computer protection, SurferQuest enables you to charge for usage and printing if desired, prevent browsing to objectionable sites, brand and customize the interface and provide boarding pass printing.

At such a low price, SurferQuest is the best insurance you could have for your machines. Contact me for a free trial – Amanda 814-342-3120


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