Picking the best solutions for your business center

Choosing a business center solution that will best suit the needs of your guests can be a time consuming process. Consuming even more time still, is maintaining that business center and keeping the machines functional on a daily basis. In a setting as busy as a hotel, every minute needs to be best utilized in order to operate most efficiently. Valuable time cannot be lost to keeping the business center computers updated, virus free, and clear of content.

Implementing a business center solution that will provide features to prevent these issues will not only save you time, but will ultimately save you money as well. SurferQuest Business Center Software erases all content after each use, prevents access to the settings, control panel and bios, and also prevents viruses and malware. Additionally, SQ offers features outside of the security such as branding and interface customization, settings enabling the hotel to charge for usage and printing, and many other apps like boarding pass printing and browser content filtering.

Freeing up your IT staff for more pressing tasks is even more possible with SurferQuest’s 24 hour live support line. SQ support members are available for every request, none too big or too small.

With the annual cost of SurferQuest being less than $150, it is obvious the money saved with this solution is significant. Just the time saved by your IT staff is money saved in itself.

Grand Hyatt Kauai and Camp Hyatt:
“We have been very happy with your service over the past 3 years since we’ve installed Camp Hyatt Computers. We would recommend SurferQuest for any business center.”
-Lydia Villanueva, Information Technology Manager


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